The Impeccable Mr.Happy

On stage: Candace Job and Ellen Paulig

Based on the children’s book Den förträfflige herr Glad by Malin Kivelä (Author) and Linda Bondestam (Illustrator)

Adapted by: Ellen Paulig

We would like to thank

The Commedia School, Cirkus Big, Davis Cipans, Benjamin Breith, Anemonen, Rosine Ulrich

In the tallest house in the biggest city lives Mr. Happy. Mr. Happy likes to: Explore Stargaze And Eat cake. Not necessarily in that order. CLASH BANG! One day, a Lemon Lady moves into the apartment below Mr. Happy. She doesn’t seem very friendly at first glance. Or second. Or even third. But Mr. Happy does not give up hope of making a friend! With the help of the romantic, singing pastry chef Kurt, a very special cake, and the most beautiful stars in the sky, Mr. Happy eventually makes his way through the Lemon Lady’s tough exterior. Join us on this colorful exploration of friendship, connection, and how to let new people into our lives. Age recommendation: for anyone over the age of 5
Varighed: 25min
Venue: Anemonen
Billetsalget starter den 15. juli.

7. aug. 15.00 , 8. aug. 19.15