First Time

Choreographer, writer & performer: Nikoline Gervang Heimburger

I would like you to explore the dating world with me - A world full of feelings traveling inside your body. Do you remember your very first date? In this performance I would like to invite you in to my first date. Going on a date might sound simple, but it is complex and you can easily feel uncomfortable. The edginess is placed both on the inside and outside of you. Shaking, doubting, stomach pain, convincing, self-motivating, trying to impress, being interesting etc. You and I actually use too much time on thinking than actually being present. Human beings are overthinking constantly. PLEASE don’t overthink this. It’s just a date.
Varighed: 6 min
Venue: Christianshavn Beboerhus - Store sal
Billetsalget starter den 15. juli.

6. aug. 18.30, 7. aug. 21.45, 8. aug. 17.30, 9. aug. 17.45