Bakash// Cancelled

Concept: Bikash Tiwari 

Written: Juna Rai 

Choreographer: Sangita Shahi Khadgi 

Participants: Fibrani Sherpa, Shiva Biswakarma, Rajesh Dhakal, Parbat Ram Rai, Pratik Magar, Rajendra Khatri, Pawan Tamang, Sangita Shahi Khadgi, Bhagawati Aryal, Juna Rai Atist

It’s a story about the poor Nepalese family and youths who are traveling to Arab to earn money and return back inside the box (Bakash). Every day 3 thousand Nepali Youths are leaving Nepal to search job and their life happy. During their work in Arab they are working in 45 degree hot even though they are not well treated by their owner. They are behaving as slaves. And every day 15 dead bodies coming inside the box. Bakash is a story about those youths who are dreaming unfulfilled lives.
Varighed: 35 min
Venue: Christianshavn Beboerhus - Store sal
Billetsalget starter den 15. juli.

7. aug. 16.00, 8. aug. 20.15